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Need  Custom  Training?

Let Grow With Trees help you develop a training program to promote habitat management among your crews and contractors.

Online Courses

Online classroom courses that use a mix of fact sheets, videos, knowledge checks, and discussion boards

On-site Training

Educational plant walks and in-person field identification trainings

Animated Videos

Fun and engaging animated training videos to explain concepts

Field Guides

Ecoregion specific field guides for compatible and/or invasive plant species

App-based Training

App-based plant identification training for distinguishing compatible and incompatible species

CEU & WHC Certification

Registered Continuing Education Units (CEU) and assistance with Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) training certifications
Check out some examples from previous training programs below:
Let Grow Plant Identification App
Herbaceous Species Field Guide
Online Video Library
Course Certificates
Short, engaging video tutorials on plant identification.
Pocket-sized, weather-proof field guides for VM crews to quickly find relevant information about compatible species on your system. 
Digital plant field guide, customized to your system, with quick look up references, interactive games, and chat features.
Customized course certificates to recognize participants' achievements.

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